sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

"Independent voters will determine Sunday's elections" by Tim Rogers (Nicaragua Dispatch)

Activists claim the process has been anything but orderly.

Felix Maradiaga, an organizer with the Citizen Crusade for Democracy, a volunteer network to support poll watchers, says there have already been widespread reports of anomalies in the accreditation of the PLI’s poll watchers. Maradiaga said many of the CSE accreditations were printed with egregious and allegedly intentional misspellings of poll watchers’ names, creating a situation where PLI representatives could potentially be denied entry to voting stations tomorrow.

Maradiaga said there has also been a tremendous geographical disorder to the process. For example, he said the accreditations for PLI poll watchers from the central department of Boaco and from the northern border town of Juigalpa were sent in the electoral package delivered to voting stations in District 6 of Managua, where capital poll watchers’ accreditations were similarly misplaced. Maradiaga says the mix-ups, which apparently aren’t happening to other parties, have sent the PLI scrambling in the past 24 hours to try to sort out their documentation before the polls open.

“There has been total disorder,” Maradiaga told The Nicaragua Dispatch. “This is an intentional confusion of the process.”

Maradiaga says there have also been reports of harassment and intimidation of PLI poll watchers. He said one young volunteer, Karen Reyes, a 23-year-old single mother who is working as a district organizer of PLI poll watchers in Managua, came home yesterday to find police raiding her home in search of drugs, apparently on a fabricated tip from Sandinista CPCs in her neighborhood. Reyes claims that several days before the police raid on her home, the same CPC members offered her money to support the Sandinistas on election day.

“What’s happening is shameful,” Maradiaga said.


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